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4,300 Pro Street 2WD Trucks. TECH DAY is June 18th @ LaPlate square @ 12 noon. Please be there to be tech'd Please load trucks the nite before. We need motors to be cooled. 

If you are a member and want your photo in the Souvenir book. Please email a photo to: frecklestrea@yahoo.com.
and put TSPA in the subject line..

New Facebook page is :  Twin States Pulling Assoc

                              ( Twin States Officers )

Randy Sayre-President

Adam Burkhalter- Vice President

Delores Sayre-Sec/Treas

Sheila Still-Printing the Souviner & Rule  Books

Adam Burkhalter , Randy Sayre, John Mayberry - Promoters

Getting that time of year put your order's in. Renegade Race Fuel contact Gary Hurley @ 816-898-1929 

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